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Defiance unveils the Ark Hunter Chronicles Director's Cut

Eliot Lefebvre

Ah, the life of an Ark Hunter. Fresh air, flexible hours, and huge amounts of gunplay in a hunt for valuable technology. There's even a nice benefits package. It's all made totally clear in the Ark Hunter Chronicles Director's Cut from Defiance, a motion comic showing off what it means to go from being some random guy with a gun and flexible morals to being a genuine Ark Hunter.

The full cut does feature a fair amount of blood, swearing, and violence, so it's probably not safe for your workplace or any younger children watching over your shoulder. But it's quite effective at conveying some of the atmosphere of Defiance if you haven't yet jumped into the game or you're waiting to see if the show is any good. So jump on past the break to check out the video in its entirety; although we should warn you it doesn't contain instructions for submitting your own Ark Hunter resume.

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