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Draw Slasher brings touch-based swordplay to Vita this month


Imagine Fruit Ninja, but instead of using your finger to slash at mangos, bananas, and juicy oranges in the middle of their graceful arcs, you're separating monster heads from monster bodies. And instead of imagining yourself as the agent of all this slashing, you see your ninja avatar on the screen ending the unlives of pirate monkey zombies.

You've now got a working model in your head of Draw Slasher, a new Vita game by Polish dev Mass Creation. Based on a mobile series, the latest Vita game has added enemies and locations, "doubling the amount of content compared with the original," producer Artur Gosk told Eurogamer Poland.

Draw Slasher is coming out on PSN April 23 in North America, and April 24 in Europe. Check Eurogamer for a video clip.

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