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Game Developer magazine shutters, layoffs at Gamasutra [update]


UBM Tech has decided to end print publication of Game Developer magazine with its July 2013 issue. The company also notes it will be ceasing distribution of digital issues. So, in short, Game Developer magazine is done after 19 years.

Legacy content will shift over to 'Game Developer on Gamasutra' and will be accessible for free.

The layoffs at UBM appear to go beyond Game Developer magazine, with UBM-owned Gamasutra news editor Frank Cifaldi writing on Twitter, " I didn't work for Game Developer, but I got hit by the same restructuring, so I'm no longer at Gamasutra."

We've reached out for more details and an official statement on what's going on.

Update: UBM Tech, which makes most of its bank from running the Game Developer Conference, announced today's editorial closures are part of a "strategic shift in the company's focus toward a unique business model." Gamasutra is cited as having over 1 million uniques monthly, with 3.5 million page views per month. Beyond that, it sounds like UBM is going for no mags, fewer websites and more GDCs.

"As a result of these investments, certain legacy areas of the business that no longer resonate with the market or meet the needs of the communities will be eliminated. UBM Tech will cease to provide print publications as of July 1, 2013," the company wrote in a public statement. "InformationWeek will continue online, where it's strong brand and loyal audiences will benefit from the new community model for greater engagement. UBM Tech will discontinue the Test and Measurement World and Advanced Trading brands and will close four smaller conferences and events."

Update 2: "None of the conferences affected are game related," a UBM Tech spokesperson informs Joystiq.

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