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McCreary creates 'vast musical history' for Defiance

Jef Reahard

Bear McCreary has posted a Defiance-related update on his official website. The composer, known for scoring Syfy's reimagined Battlestar Galactica television series as well as video games including Dark Void, says that Defiance was one of the biggest challenges of his career.

"I was tasked with writing a daunting amount of music, including two hours of energetic music for the videogame, and nearly eight hours of score for the thirteen-episode season," McCreary explains. "During all this, I constantly juggled a dozen or so character themes and followed intricately crafted story arcs." McCreary also contributed to Defiance world-building over the course of the project's five-year development history. His duties included designing distinct musical styles for each of the Votan races, producing "detailed treatises on the design, construction, and functionality of Votan instruments," and ultimately creating a "vast musical history" for the world of Defiance.

Finally, McCreary hints at more Defiance-related details to come via his ongoing blog. You can preview the Defiance soundtrack by clicking past the cut and watching the Theme from Defiance video.

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