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Naughty Dog had to 'specifically request' female focus testers for The Last of Us


Naughty Dog hired a research firm to focus test The Last of Us, who then didn't bother to involve any women in the testing. "My big surprise during this process is that the research group wasn't planning on focus-testing female gamers," Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann told The Escapist. "It's something we had to specifically request. I hope this is a relic of the past that will soon go away."

Though it's tempting to say that's problematic for this particular game, the issue here isn't just that they were commissioned to gather feedback for a game with both male and female leads. The firm was commissioned to gather feedback for a game, which automatically means that its audience is not exclusively male. And focus testing that starts with a warped, unrepresentative group doesn't seem like it would result in useful data.

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