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Rogers leak pins BlackBerry Q10 Canadian launch date as April 30th (update: pricing confirmed)


BlackBerry fans waiting for an opportunity to blend the BlackBerry 10 OS with a more familiar QWERTY form factor may know exactly how long they have left, at least north of the border. MobileSyrup received this pic tonight of what is purported to be an internal Rogers document, which lists the launch date for the BlackBerry Q10 as April 30th. A few other phones appear on the list as well, revealing the Canadian carrier will be offering the Nokia Lumia 520 and a couple of Doro's PhoneEasy models. If this date holds up it's a lot more specific than what we'd heard before -- hopefully we're not left waiting much longer for US release information.

Update: Rogers is going on the record for many more Q10 details... except the ship date. It tells us that the smartphone will cost $200 on a 3-year contract, and that Rogers will be the first (but not only) Canadian carrier with the white edition. The Q10 will also be one of the few Rogers smartphones to supplement the usual AWS-based LTE frequencies with the 2,600MHz band, the other notable example being the LG Optimus G. The more eager among us can reserve the Q10 today.

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