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The Daily Grind: Has a death penalty ever made you quit a game?

Eliot Lefebvre

Kids these days have no idea. Back in the day, death wasn't a slap on the wrist. I remember one night in Final Fantasy XI I had been pushing to level on my White Mage all week. I stayed up far later than I should have, eked out the last bit of experience I needed to level, waved goodbye to the party I had kept awake far too long to earn that last level... and then I got something trained onto me and died. Causing me to lose that level.

I didn't quit the game. But I strongly considered it.

Death penalties in more recent games are usually far more lenient, but there are still games that treat death as a real throat-punch to the player. Has a death penalty ever made you quit a game, either because you got killed at one point and just lost too much, or because you just didn't want to deal with that sort of irritation any longer?

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