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Namco Bandai opening Vancouver, Singapore offices in June

Jordan Mallory

Namco Bandai Studios Vancouver Inc. will open its doors to the ever-growing Canadian gaming development scene this June, British Columbia's Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training has announced. The studio will develop "online social games," though nothing else is known regarding the studio's expected output beyond that broad descriptor.

The province "provided significant assistance" to Namco Bandai, with government programs such as the "Major Investment Office hosting program" playing an "instrumental" role in bringing Namco Bandai to British Columbia, the announcement said.

Meanwhile, a second, unnamed new studio will open in Singapore this June, though the release did not specify what sort of development it will focus on. We're going to go way, way far out on a limb and guess that it'll be called "Namco Bandai Studios Singapore Inc."

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