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Pathfinder Online discusses the creed of assassination

Eliot Lefebvre

Not everything in Pathfinder Online is meant to be sweetness and light. Your player-run settlement might have all of the people it needs to be built into a great city, but all it takes is an assassin accosting one of those people and suddenly everything can fall apart. And that's not just conjecture -- the latest development blog shows how the assassination system is meant to facilitate precisely that sort of outcome under the right circumstances.

Assassination is a system allowing players to put out contracts on other players, whether for long-term gain or just spite. Successful assassins will slowly become better and better at stealth and can prevent targets from resurrecting nearby. They also get access to Disguises, special outfits that change your display name and hide your actual abilities from other players. If you're looking to be the blade in the night that puts down your target, take a look at the official blog for all the details.

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