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Project Eternity unveils first video, dynamic environment in action


Obsidian upgraded that first Project Eternity screen from half a year ago into some fully-fledged footage this week. The video, as preambled by project lead Josh Sawyer, doesn't showcase any gameplay, but focuses on some of the RPG's dynamic environmental effects.

As you can see - skip to 1:48 for the footage itself - these effects range from the subtle movement of leaves blowing in the wind to water levels rising and falling. The video briefly throws in some character animations before demonstrating a day-to-night transition.

"In a 2D game, this required our programmers and artists to come up with some creative solutions," reads Obsidian's description. "What they came up with surprised us initially and it continues to amaze us. While we are still working on refining some of the dynamic elements, we're very happy with the progress we've been able to make and hope you feel the same way."

Project Eternity raised just under $4 million in Kickstarter backing last October, making it at the time the most funded game on the platform - inXile's Torment: Tides of Numenera, which has Obsidian's Chris Avellone on its design team, recently surpassed it.

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