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T-Mobile announce iPhone trade-in offer for iPhone 4 and 4S users

T-Mobile has announced a trade-in offer for iPhone 4 and 4S users ahead of this Friday's T-Mobile iPhone 5 launch. The offer begins today and lasts through Father's Day on June 16th. Anyone wishing to switch to an iPhone 5 on T-Mobile can bring in their iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and receive a 16 GB iPhone 5 for US$0 down plus monthly payments. The 16 GB T-Mobile iPhone 5 is normally $99 plus monthly payments.

In a press release issued this week, Chief Marketing Officer for T-Mobile Mike Sievert said, "Our message to iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 customers is simple: bring in your device and trade up to iPhone 5 on T-Mobile. We're making it incredibly attractive to buy an iPhone 5 by pairing an un-beatable upfront price and trade-in offer with Simple Choice, the most hassle-free and affordable rate plan in wireless."

The Simple Choice plans offers unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of 4G data for $50. For an additional $10, users can get 2 GB of data, while an extra $20 gets them unlimited data. The iPhone 5 will be available at T-Mobile on Friday, April 12 beginning at 9 AM.

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