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Vivian Clark, Soda Drinker Pro's secret game, Kickstarted


Soda Drinker Pro is a weird game, a first-person, real-time simulation of drinking some soda. Full disclosure: we don't fully get it. And we didn't know that there was a secret passage in the game, leading into a completely different game called Vivian Clark.

Snowrunner Games revealed Vivian Clark in a Giant Bomb interview, and has now gone on to Kickstart a full version of it. It's bizarrely surreal where Soda Drinker Pro is bizarrely hyperreal, a game in which you start as a raindrop and then become the next object or creature you touch – "Everything from a raindrop to a turtlefish to microscopic organisms to electricity to a star wearing roller skates," all rendered in hand-drawn art.

The Kickstarter project seeks $20,000 to build Vivian Clark out from a game jam prototype into a full game, with 100 additional playable "worlds" (or more depending on funds). If you want a proof of concept, look no further than Soda Drinker Pro, which, we'll remind you once again, exists and is inexplicable. Here's how to find Vivian Clark in there.

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