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Guild Wars 2 wraps up Flame and Frost living story this month


The current "living story" event that's been progressing in Guild Wars 2 over the past few months is set to unveil its final chapter at the end of April. Flame and Frost: Retribution will debut on April 30th, and ArenaNet has a short preview as to what we should expect.

In the living story finale, players will strike back against the Molten Alliance -- a team-up of the Flame Legion and Dredge -- by charging into the enemy's weapons facilities. Players will fight alongside event co-stars Rox and Braham to battle "a final hybrid menace." Could it be the unholy pairing of Twilight fandom and hipster subculture? Only time will tell!

Catch up on the previous installment of Flame and Frost in a recent column of Flameseeker Chronicles.

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