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Numark announces Mixtrack Quad four-channel DJ controller, we go hands-on


Who'd have thunk it? Numark, at a music trade show with a new another DJ controller for your consideration. This time it has taken its popular Mixtrack console, and doubled down on the number of channels on offer. This now means between the Mixtrack, the Mixtrack II, the Mixtrack Pro II, and this, there's likely a Mixtrack for everyone. Evidently it's a format that works, so it only makes sense to offer a number of options based around the theme. As with other members of the Mixtrack family, the layout is fairly traditional, with two platters plus transport controls flanking a central mixer section. Above each platter is a set of eight MPC-style trigger pads and some rotary controls for FX and filters.

If the Quad looks like it's got an extra splash of color compared to its siblings, that's because it has. The pads and platters have have configurable RGB LEDs, which we first saw in the NS7 II (Numark is going strong on the colors generally, it seems). Again, as before there's a built-in audio interface, which is pretty much essential for a controller of this level. And what level is that? Around the $349 one, apparently, whenever it comes to market (no word on that at this point). While you're waiting to find out, however, you might as well scoot over the fold for the hardware impressions.

Gallery: Numark Mixtrack Quad hands-on | 18 Photos

If one firm knows the controller game, it's Numark. Not only does it have an offering at just about every price point, it knows just how to categorize them. The top end Traktor and Serato controllers tend to be heavy, with solid metal housings, and large, equally solid platters. Head down to the Mixtrack level, and things start to get more plastic. A lot more plastic. So, as you can imagine, that's exactly what we have here. Plastic platters, plastic knobs and, you guessed it, plastic buttons. No one said that was a terrible thing though, and anyone who has laid hands on any of the other Mixtrack series will know that they are definitely fit for purpose. The same is true here.

That plastic does, however, get broken up when you reach the trigger pads which are firm and feel perfectly mashable -- thanks to plenty of experience making these via sister brand Akai's MPC series. The configurable colors certainly make the device a lot more attractive, and serve a functional purpose too -- if you're willing to configure them that is. Still, we can imagine many will be content just to have them sit there looking pretty. The platter and fader action, again, felt satisfactory for the market this device is aimed at. Which, if you're looking for a mid-priced, four channel controller, is probably you. Numark has even thought ahead and bundled in a copy of Virtual DJ LE to get you started.

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Featuring 4 channels of software control, 16 multicolor drum pads, and
multicolor dual-zone platters, Mixtrack Quad empowers DJs with
a fully interactive mixing experience.
Cumberland, R.I. (April 8, 2013) – Mixtrack Quad is Numark's latest offering in an evolving
family of professional four-channel DJ systems that began with NS6 and N4 and expanded at
this year's NAMM show to include the groundbreaking NS7 II. In addition to its four-channel
capability, Mixtrack Quad incorporates a stunning array of colors on its platters and pads,
giving DJs a fully interactive control surface. Numark will display Mixtrack Quad for the first
time at Musikmesse 2013 in Hall 5.1 at Booth B45 on April 10th in Frankfurt, Germany.

"DJing is all about interaction-interaction with the music and interaction with the crowd," said
Chris Roman, Numark Product Manager. "With Mixtrack Quad's unique fusion of dynamic
colors and professional capabilities, we're giving DJs a powerful and immersive experience."

Utilizing a palette of 16 vibrant colors, Mixtrack Quad gives DJs immediate visual feedback,
allowing them to easily differentiate between the four decks and between Loop, Hot Cue, and
Sample Modes. Lighted pad and platter animations signal transitions when loading tracks or
moving between modes and configurations. Mixtrack Quad is the only four-channel controller
in its class to have dedicated mixing controls for all four decks. The low-profile platters are
dual-zone and touch-activated, allowing DJs to effortlessly stop, scratch, and pitch-bend
tracks. Virtual DJ® LE software is included and 16 dedicated effects controls are built in to the
control surface to add and manipulate flanger, phaser, echo, and more. Mixtrack Quad is
class-compliant, USB-powered, and also has built-in audio, making setup and configuration
as simple as possible.

Mixtrack Quad will be exhibited along with Numark's other addition to the Mixtrack Series,
Mixtrack Edge, the world's thinnest DJ controller with integrated audio. Upon release,
Mixtrack Quad will have an estimated street price of $349. Product images and information
can be found at

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