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AppGratis CEO: 'Apple has not returned any of our calls'


There's yet another update in the AppGratis saga. Earlier this week, the app-discovery and deals app was yanked from the App Store for violations of Apple's iOS developer guidelines.

Several statements from Apple representatives have been posted on various blogs, saying that Apple is in conversations with AppGratis. According to AppGratis CEO Simon Dawlat, those reports couldn't be further from the truth.

On a post this morning on the AppGratis blog, Dawlat said:

"It is important to me and my team that we clarify what happened. It is absolutely untrue that there were discussions between AppGratis and Apple in advance of our app being removed from Apple's platform. The first communication from Apple we received was an email sent to us after our app had been removed.

Since our app was removed, we have had one telephone conversation with an Apple employee who repeated the content of Apple's email to us, and refused to discuss the matter further. Since then, Apple has not returned any of our calls. It goes without saying that I am still very keen to speak to them."

You may want to visit the AppGratis blog just for the classic animated GIF image being used on the post. We'll keep our eyes and ears open for more on this story.

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