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Google delivers EU antitrust concessions, now subject to feedback from rivals

Zachary Lutz

There's no question that most of the talk between Google and EU regulators over the firm's search ranking practices have taken place behind closed doors, but now the antitrust inquiry is one step closer to a binding resolution. Following a preliminary assessment in which the European Commission laid out its concerns, Google has offered up a formal list of commitments in attempt to assuage the regulator -- and in the process, avoid a nasty fine that could top $5 billion. Reuters sources suggest that one concession may involve labels within search results that distinguish Google's services from those of its rivals, but whatever the final resolution entails, EU Commissioner Joaquin Almunia asserts that it'll be a legally binding agreement. As for the next step, Google's proposal will be subject to input from its peers, which includes complainants such as Microsoft. If there were ever an opportunity to kick up some dust, we reckon this'd be it. Then again, it could be that Redmond is more preoccupied with Android nowadays.

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