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Grimlands heralds Linux and Mac announcement with second video

MJ Guthrie

If the post-apocalyptic wastelands of Grimlands caught your eye but you didn't think you could play on Linux or Mac systems, think again; DRAGO Entertainment has just announced that the shooter will be developed on both platforms. And players needn't worry about which version they are playing from, as everyone will be on the same servers together. The studio doesn't intend to stop there either: DRAGO's Lucjan Mikociak added, "And there are even more versions planned down the road."

Along with this announcement, DRAGO has released the second installment of the three-part Making Of series. In the video, Wiktoryn Zerebecki details the importance of crafting and the player-driven economy and Krystian Kofin expounds on vehicles. Watch the full video after the break.

[Source: DRAGO press release]

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