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World of Tanks vs. Project Tank: Is there IP infringement?

Shawn Schuster

Browser-based Project Tank from Gamebox is under fire this week from the makers of World of Tanks for alleged copyright infringement.

Beginning with a report to Facebook regarding the Project Tank FB page (which is where the game is playable), Wargaming is also looking to shut down the game itself, citing intellectual property violations. Gamebox is currently looking to reinstate its Facebook page while fighting the accusations.

In an official statement released by Gamebox, the studio claims that, while they are fans of World of Tanks, no ill intention is there. "We sincerely hope Wargaming not to continuously consider us as a 'threat' to its user group, since PT and WOT are different in many ways and don't compete with each other at any platform," the statement says.

We've included gameplay videos from both games just after the cut below so you can judge for yourself if you think this IP dispute is warranted or not.

[Source: Gamebox press release and several tipsters]

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