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Breakfast Topic: What in-game help tools do you use?


"Help?! We don't need no stinkin' help playing WoW!" ... Well, except when we do. As streamlined as World of Warcraft is today, the gameplay isn't 100% intuitive or foolproof. Come on, surely everyone here has at least once noticed a loading screen tip that's inspired if not a revelation then a determination to remember to try something that way.

I'd venture to say that there are so many avenues of in-game help today that the very idea of in-game help is losing its training-wheels stigma. We have the dungeon journal, the What's Changed tab, the Core Abilities tab ... I use most of these at least somewhat regularly as I switch from alt to alt, to refresh my memory since the last time I dusted off that character. Which of these in-game help tools or others do you use? Is the level of detail there too light, too dense, or just right?

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