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Power Rangers Megaforce game morphs with 3DS this fall


Power Rangers Megaforce is taking on the 3DS this fall in North and Latin America, as a side-scrolling action game from Namco Bandai. Players pick a favorite Megaforce Ranger to embody, and with help from the remaining team, they defend the Earth from the Warstar aliens. Yes, you'll be able to from Megazords.

Players will be able to scan in official Morpher Cards for power-ups in the game, and they can take photos of themselves to transform on-screen into their favorite Rangers.

Power Rangers Megaforce, the TV show, is the current and 20th season of the Power Rangers series, which first aired in the US on August 28, 1993, with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. That's right, 20 years ago. Namco Bandai has been in charge of some mighty fine Power Rangers games in the past, so here's hoping this one doesn't make us feel too old is just as good.

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The Power Rangers Continue to Protect Earth from Evil
in All-New Video Game This Fall

SAN JOSE, Calif. – (April 11, 2013) - NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. today announced that Power Rangers MEGAFORCE® for the Nintendo 3DS™ will be heading to retailers in North and Latin America in fall 2013. The side-scrolling, action-packed video game will be based on the popular Nickelodeon television series of the same title allowing fans to play as the Power Rangers Megaforce and defend Earth against the evil Warstar aliens.

In this new chapter of the popular Power Rangers video game series, fans play as their favorite Megaforce Ranger while the supporting Power Rangers provide their boundless advice and encouragement to players as they battle their way through challenge after challenge. The Rangers' vocal and physical support will prove valuable as challenging situations and conditions arise in an attempt to foil players' advancement. Power Rangers MEGAFORCE will plunge players into intense battles against repulsive enemies, but by forming gigantic Megazords, the Rangers will be able to implement powerful combos to help get them on the path to victory.

To enhance the player's experience, Power Rangers MEGAFORCE will allow fans to scan official Power Rangers MEGAFORCE Morpher Cards to power up within the game. Players will also be able to utilize the Nintendo 3DS camera to take a picture and watch themselves actively morph into their favorite Megaforce Ranger to fend off enemy encounters with their own hands.

Power Rangers MEGAFORCE for the Nintendo 3DS will be available for purchase at video game retailers in North and Latin America this fall. For more information on NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. or its other products, please visit or join the conversation on our official Facebook fan page at

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