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SWTOR's Rise of the Hutt Cartel is live on a server near you!

It's the moment that Star Wars: The Old Republic fans have been waiting for: The game's first "digital expansion," Rise of the Hutt Cartel, is officially up and running. It includes Makeb (made famous as the "gay planet"), a raised level cap (you can go all the way up to 55!), and a heaping helping of new storyline. Macrobinoculars and the new Seeker Droid will allow players to unlock new rewards and story-driven missions.

SWTOR subscribers can pick the expansion up for $9.99, while the general public will have to fork over $19.99.

Not sure if this expansion is for you? Check back with us tomorrow; Massively's Larry has been delivering beta impressions in his Hyperspace Beacon column, and Massively's Eliot will be sharing his thoughts on the new content tomorrow.

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