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Not So Massively: D3's patch 1.0.8, Dota 2 DDoS, and Prime World's closed beta


Patch 1.0.8 was released to the Diablo III public test realm this week, adding some big multiplayer upgrades and fixing quality of life issues with the Wizard class, crafting and the auction house. Path of Exile published its first series of articles in a new Development Manifesto forum looking into the thought process behind upcoming game changes and features. And sci-fi sandbox Star Citizen tackled the age-old problem of letting players have unique names without breaking immersion.

The European Dota 2 servers experienced heavy disruption this week as what appears to be a DDoS attack interfered with the DreamHack Invitationals and the G-1 qualifier tournament. A research firm also claimed that the game had recently passed giant of League of Legends in peak concurrent users despite publicly released statistics to the contrary.

Following on from its huge success in Russia, castle-building MOBA Prime World officially entered its English-language closed beta this week. Newly announced DC Comics MOBA Infinite Crisis released a champion profile video on new hero Green Lantern, and Heroes of Newerth published a classic hero spotlight on fan-favourite Devourer.

Diablo III title image
Diablo III's patch 1.0.8 went live on the public test realm this week, giving players a taste of the update's multiplayer enhancements and class balance tweaks. Though the focus of the patch is incentivising public multiplayer games, the most popular part of the update is likely to be all the tiny usability and quality of life tweaks. The Wizard teleport spell can now teleport through walls as long as there's a path to the target location, and Archon durations will be extended by nearby kills rather than just last hits.

Mousing over items in the auction house now shows tooltips for the player's current gear for easy comparison, and players can now craft items using materials in their shared stashes. The number of monsters encountered in Monster Power 1 and greater has been increased, and players can now use the Book of Cain in town to identify all of their items at once. The patch will be going up on the live servers soon, but you can check it out now by signing up to the public test realm.

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Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games has been very active in engaging with the game's beta community via the official forums, but the community has now become so large that personally communicating with each member isn't always possible. To help communicate the team's current game development thoughts to fans, developers have started a new read-only Development Manifesto forum. The forum delivers details of all upcoming game changes and features and contains posts explaining the thought process behind each game system.

Star Citizen title image
In developing an immersive sci-fi sandbox with online components, the folks behind Star Citizen have run into a small problem: How you let people uniquely identify themselves without opening the flood gates on immersion-breaking names like xXxSePiRoTh123xXx? The solution the team has come up with is to separate your username into a unique handle to be used on the forum and chat system and a non-unique callsign displayed on the in-game UI.

This could get confusing, but developers suggest that spoofing someone else's callsign could actually be part of the online gameplay. You'll be able to scan a ship to determine the unique handle of the player, and ship upgrades may even be available to block your handle from ship scans.

Infinite Crisis title image
Turbine continued development on its upcoming Infinite Crisis MOBA with a champion profile video on the Green Lantern. Infinite Crisis takes place in the DC Comics storyline of the same name and sees multiple versions of classic DC characters from alternate universes come together in a bloody conflict. The classic Green Lantern is a ranged damage-dealer with huge single-target damage, a targeted slow, and a massive area-effect finisher.

Dota 2 title image
The Dota 2 European servers may be the current target of a DDoS attack, as some players are reporting severe disruption during games. Valve has yet to release any official statement on the matter, so it's not yet known whether the servers themselves are under attack or individual players are being targeted directly. Disconnections even interrupted the DreamHack Invitationals and the G-1 qualifier tournament, at both of which real cash is being put on the line.

League of Legends title image
An organisation named DFC Intelligence published a report this week claiming that Dota 2 had surpassed League of Legends as the most played game in the world. The press release cited as its source the organisation's own PC Game Meter service, which attempts to merge statistics from resources like XFire. DFC charges a whopping $6,000 for access to the full PC Game Meter report, and made its claim about Dota 2 as part of a press release advertising it.

The reports findings were quickly called into question, as XFire currently reports over 10 times as many active LoL players as Dota 2 players and the findings are strongly contradicted by previously released stats from Riot Games and Valve. A Riot Games spokesperson later released a statement asserting that LoL sees "over 500,000 peak concurrent players every day on just the EU West shard" while Dota 2's all-time peak concurrent user record on Steam hit only 325,879.

Prime World title image
It's been a long time coming, but upcoming MOBA Prime World has finally entered closed beta in Europe and the US. Prime World boasts more depth than a typical MOBA with the inclusion of RPG-like persistent heroes and a castle-building mechanic that includes customisable city economies. The game saw such massive success in Russia that developers have recently been working on translating it for English-speaking audiences. You can apply for a closed beta spot now for a chance to test the game before launch.

Heroes of Newerth title image
As part of a roster of over 100 heroes, Heroes of Newerth's older characters have been a little neglected. Though S2 Games does balance tweaks on old heroes, some of the oldest heroes haven't yet been shown off in a video spotlight explaining their abilities and useful strategies. Popular classic hero Devourer finally got his own spotlight this week to celebrate the release of his new Jin Chan Golden Edition cosmetic skin.

The default Devourer is a stinking sown-together mass of putrid organs and flesh with a sizeable health pool and some serious melee damage output. Though slow on foot, Devourer can use his Gutling Hook ability to grab an enemy at a distance and drag him in from far away. The hook can also be used to save allies by pulling them out of harm's way and will deal damage only to enemy units.

The Decay ability releases a persistent cloud of fetid gas around Devourer that deals magic damage to nearby enemies and himself. The ability can be toggled on and off at will, and Devourer can use it to kill himself in order to deprive the enemy team of a kill. This pairs well with Devourer's ultimate ability, Devour, which slowly eats the target enemy and temporarily boosts Devourer's strength and speed as a result.

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