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PlanetSide 2 mobile app guns down office productivity


Developing a mobile app to go along with your MMO is so in right now. Sure, not every developer can afford such a luxury, but it's always good to see three-dimensional developers include our mobile devices in the fun. These apps are also a good way to suck players into a game and keep them there thanks to the word of the day: accessibility. While some player is at her office, theoretically working for a living, she is also busily checking in on her favorite game. Brilliant! Even if the application offers just information without much interaction, it can be a great way to keep players plugged in.

SOE has just published a mobile app for Planetside 2, and we thought it would be great to check out how the apps worked alongside the game and how it performs across different devices.

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PlanetSide 2 mobile app screenshot
We downloaded the free app on three different devices: an iPad and an Android-based Google Nexus 7 and Galaxy Note smartphone. It's important to note that performance was generally the same across all of the devices. In a pleasant surprise, the app supported both landscape and portrait mode without a blink. So, what information will you find in the app?

First, there is a guide that will serve up information about pretty much everything in the game. The weapons menu will be a popular destination for those who need to research possible future loadouts. Next you'll find a stats page that will allow you to see how deadly players can be. It will show you kills and scores and will allow you to look up a specific profile. If you want to look up your own character, there's the "my profile" button that will link you to all of your characters. The character sheet shows class, vehicles and weapon certifications as well as planet status. Once you click on the planet you want to see, you'll see a "near real-time" updated map that indicates who is in control of what. There's even a voice chat button that will allow a player to see how his teammates are doing.

PlanetSide 2 mobile app screenshot
The community tab is packed with information. From official news and announcements to actual recorded livestreams to official Tweets from the PlanetSide 2 team, the app provides tons of information that is normally found in several different sources. Sure, a player can open a browser and Twitter client to access all of the same information, but it works and works well within the app, so there's no excuse to leave it. It's actually surprising how much they packed into the app without the whole thing crashing. The forums are smooth and there are even wallpapers to be downloaded from within the app.

Each device was nearly lag-free with the exception of the map functionality on the weaker Samsung Note phone. You have to download each of the three planet maps before you can access them, but the download is small.

If you find yourself sneaking a glance at the official PlanetSide 2 Twitter feed or website while at work, you can save time and hassle by downloading the PS2 app instead. To download it, search the Google Play store or the Apple store. Just try to keep up with those TPS reports, OK? Thanks.

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