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Sir, You Are Being Hunted pre-orders run wild


Pre-orders for Big Robot's tweedpunk, first-person survival game, Sir, You Are Being Hunted, are live now, for $20 via the Humble store. Well go on, grab a pre-order – we're not sure if you heard, but you're being hunted. Time isn't exactly on your side.

Pre-ordering Sir, You Are Being Hunted nabs early access to the second round of testing before release, which is about a month after eligible Kickstarter backers start their early access rounds this summer. A pre-order picks up the game across PC, Mac and Linux, all DRM free.

Big Robot's Kickstarter campaign for Sir, You Are Being Hunted concluded in December, raising £92,551 of a requested £40,000. The extra cash unlocked a multiplayer component, scheduled to launch sometime after the full, single-player game. At £100,000, Big Robot would have locked in a character creation and customization mechanic – since the total fell short but close, the team will add some aspects of customization to the game.

Big Robot will bring a playable version of Sir, You Are Being Hunted to Rezzed 2013 in Birmingham, UK from June 22 - 23, for those in the area willing to break cover.

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