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Wonderbook's 'Diggs Nightcrawler' due this holiday [update: May 29 in EU]


To date, the library for the PS3's augmented reality Wonderbook is one game deep: just Book of Spells. Wonderbook owners will have a second game to play "this Holiday," roughly a year after the first, when Diggs Nightcrawler arrives. [Update: May 29 in Europe!]

The PlayStation Blog posted a development diary and a gameplay video today, revealing the good news: Diggs Nightcrawler looks pretty interesting! The time developer Moonbot spent figuring out how to implement gameplay appears to be paying off. It's a (cute) noir mystery set in a series of virtual books, each of which is a setpiece for investigation, conducted by folding the book, touching the pages, and otherwise manipulating the world as if it really did come out of a book. Imagine what Wonderbook developers could come up with if they iterated a third time.

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