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Latest Perpetuum dev blog delves into research system

MJ Guthrie

At the end of last year, Avatar Creations posted a detailed dev blog outlining some of the new systems and revamps in store for Perpetuum. In today's blog update, the devs offer a progress report on the new research system. A fixed tech-tree system will replace the random lottery that's currently in place, and players can accumulate research points to unlock items within the tech tree.

As it stands, the system will have separate trees for each of the three main factions -- Pelistal, Nuimqol, and Thelodica -- as well as one for the modular colony system, one for the industrial items/robots, and one for the common stuff (although the final two might be combined).

The blog also touches on an extended combat log system that will pave the way for an achievement system. For more details on these two systems, check out the full progress report.

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