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Report: EA layoffs at EA Mobile India, Playfish


The Electronic Arts layoff waves continue, with cuts reported at EA Hyderabad (India) and Playfish.

MCV India reports 50 employees were let go at the India mobile studio. As has been standard ops for EA during these layoff rounds, the company acknowledged there were cuts, but wouldn't discuss specifics.

Develop reports there have also been layoffs at social games developer Playfish, which isn't surprising since Playfish appears to have no games in production or to support following Monday's sunset announcements. EA bought Playfish for $300 million in 2009 (entering a "strategic" five year deal with Facebook in 2010). Again, there is no official count of how many employees have been let go.

Based on rough estimates following last week's layoffs, including the latest information and sources speaking under condition of anonymity, it appears EA has let go of over 300 employees (full-time and contract) this past week.

If you're a member of an affected team at EA, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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