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Dev livestream shows off the characters in DCUO's Origin Crisis

MJ Guthrie

Ever since DC Universe Online announced the DLC Origin Crisis, fans have been clamoring for more information. Creative Director Jens Andersen provided just that last week, offering plenty of details about the story, instances, and new iconic suits coming with the DLC. But he didn't stop there; Andersen and SJ Mueller, Assistant Creative Director, gave players a lengthy look at the council members of the upcoming DLC via webcast.

After introducing the various versions of Batman and Lex Luthor, viewers then got to choose match-ups for duels to the death. Who would win between Cybernetic Luthor and Primal Batman? And what if all joined in for a 5v5 death match? If you've got an hour, watch how that all turns out (and get a sneak peek of the Origin Crisis cinematic) in the full video after the break.

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