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iOS leads Android in mobile ad revenue


Mobile advertising platform Opera Mediaworks has released its State of Mobile Advertising report for Q1 2013 and it shows iOS ads generate more traffic than any other mobile platform, including Android. Opera collects data through its advertising subsidiaries, AdMarvel, Mobile Theory and 4th Screen, which collectively serve 50-plus billion ad impressions each month.

The study highlights three drivers of the current mobile advertising market. First, that competition is still tight between iPhone and Android even with iPhone's current advertising dominance. The second driver is the continued growth of the international mobile ad market. The final driver is the importance of "intelligent prioritization" for advertisers to reach their target audiences.

Currently iOS products make up 44.53 percent of all mobile ad traffic, and 49.23 percent of ad revenue, nearly half of all mobile ad revenue. Their closest competitor, Android, has 31.26 percent of mobile traffic and 26.72 percent of ad revenue. You can see the detailed chart below.

Ads on iOS better at making money than ads on Android

The US market continues to be the leader in ad requests across all of Opera's ad platforms, but its percentage is beginning to shrink as other regions begin to grow. While the US market is currently still dominant, it is worth noting its impressions volume dropped significantly from 60 percent last quarter to 50.7 percent this quarter. European ad requests are up to 21.55 percent from 14.51 percent last quarter.

You can read the whole report over at Opera Media.

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