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iPhone jailbreak hack puts Facebook Messenger all over iOS


The Verge is reporting that a new jailbreak tweak to the Facebook iOS app enables the chat heads feature to run on iOS the same way it does on Android. In other words, chat heads can now permeate the entire iOS UI if you simply can't get enough of Facebook messaging.

The tweak was put together by 21-year-old Canadian Adam Bell who is planning to have it available for download this weekend on Cydia once he works out a few kinks.

As for how Bell added his own enhancements to chat heads, The Verge reports:

The trick, according to Bell, was isolating the Facebook app from the chat heads living inside it. Chat heads inhabit a separate layer inside the Facebook app, so it was just a matter of finding that layer and making the rest of the app transparent. "The hardest part was getting this all to render on top of everything else," Bell says, which means Facebook is always running on your phone. Apparently, Bell's tweak doesn't take much of a toll on battery life.

Chat heads originally came to Facebook earlier this week when Facebook revamped their iOS app. As for a full Facebook Home experience arriving on iOS, don't expect that to happen anytime soon, or ever for that matter. Apple exerts strict control over its UI and wouldn't have much to gain in allowing Facebook to dominate the iPhone experience.

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