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    Tabular for Mac makes reading and writing tab music easy


    Chromatic Lab's Tabular (US$19.99) is an all-in-one application for reading, editing and writing tablature music with a Mac. If you're a musician, music teacher or composer of music, on a percussive or stringed instrument, and you use tablature instead of music notation, Tabular has got all the bases covered.

    With a detailed, built-in interactive tutorial to get you started and help you understand and learn tab music, and an easy-to-use interface with Retina display support, Tabular is simple to get your head around and a pleasure to use.

    For starters, Tabular is a place to store all your tab music. Its library feature allows you to group and organize your tab music in one easy-to-find place. Import Guitar Pro 5 or MIDI files into Tabular and export them as PDF, MIDI or plain-text (ASCII) formats.

    When it comes to reading and practicing, Tabular has a looping function, adjustable playback / tempo speed -- so you can start slow and increase the speed as you improve -- and a configurable speed trainer that increases the tempo after every loop -- a challenging way to encourage honing your skills. Tabular also keeps track of your hard work with practice logs.

    If you compose, Tabular makes it really easy to enter tab using the keyboard. A virtual fretboard displays where each note is played. At your disposal is a large bank of notations, including legato, vibrato, bends and grace notes, to name a few. One feature I particularly like is custom templates, where you can create and save your most common instrument configurations as a template. Tabular also has full printing support.

    Finally, Tabular supports full rendering of the musical staff, meaning you can see the music in notation form alongside the tablature.

    If you are learning to play, practice or teach a stringed instrument (with three - 12 strings) or a percussive instrument -- and you don't read music notation -- Tabular is a fantastic way to organize, practice and write tablature music.

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