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The Daily Grind: Do launch day hassles make you quit a game?

Jef Reahard

MMO launches have come a long way. While no MMO is bug-free, developers have made substantial strides in this department over the past decade. Similarly and for the most part, gone are the days when mile-long queues prevent you from playing on day one.

And then there's Darkfall.

Or more accurately Darkfall Unholy Wars. To Aventurine's credit, I can at least purchase and log in to the game unlike the catastrophe that passed for the original 2009 launch (and also to be fair, I'm a big fan of the game). It still took forever and a day to patch, though, and that was after I had to leave the client torrent download on overnight.

So, how about it Massively readers? Do launch-day hiccups irritate you enough to move on to other games, or do you generally stick it out?

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