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Five apps for users

Save is a growing social network that promises to be the home for users who want control over their data. Its format is very similar to Twitter, but it is more open and friendlier for developers. To help you get started using, here is a list of five iOS clients and a few desktop apps that'll keep you up to date while you are at home and on the run.

Netbot [iPhone or iPad; Free]

Netbot is an client from Tapbots, the maker of the popular Twitter client, Tweetbot. Netbot features syncing across devices, gestures and support for services like Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, CloudApp and Droplr.

AppNet Rhino [iOS Universal; Free]

AppNet Rhino debuted shortly after launched. You can follow your user stream, mentions stream and global stream using the app. An in-app browser lets you view links within the app. There's also some account management tools.

Spoonbill for [iPhone; Free]

Spoonbill is an client for the iPhone that lets you follow your timeline, mentions and global feed. Spoonbill also has an image preview feature that gives you a glimpse of photos from Instagram, Flickr, Imgur, Droplr, Pinterest and others.

Felix for [iPhone; $4.99]

A streamlined client with an uncluttered UI and support for handy features like multiple ADN accounts, push notifications and a fullscreen viewing option.

Patter [iOS Universal; $2.99]

Patter is a recent entrant in the client market and includes some features not found in other apps. Patter lets you create message rooms that you can use to share messages with a small group. Rooms can be private or public. You can also send your messages to the global stream.

OS X Clients [OS X; Free]

Desktop users also have several good options for following and posting to including Kiwi, Appetizer, Mention and Sail for

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