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For first time ever BBC iPlayer watched on more tablets than smartphones

The BBC has released its March 2013 BBC iPlayer Performance Pack, which breaks down the viewing habits of those using the company's iPlayer video streaming service. For the first time ever, BBC iPlayer views on a tablet, like the iPad, outpaced views on smartphones, like the iPhone. Though tablets only won by 200,000 views, the results are significant as it shows that tablet adoption is increasing -- good news for Apple, as its iPad is clearly the world's dominant tablet even as it's seeing heavy competition to its iPhone in the smartphone market.

In the release the BBC said, "For the first time ever, there were more requests on tablet devices than mobile devices (200,000 requests ahead of mobiles) driven primarily by TV viewing. Both mobile and tablet usage remained high -- making up 30 percent of overall requests -- or 81 million requests in total."

BBC iPlayer is a free download in the UK App Store.

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