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Guild Wars 2 goes on sale, releases free retro platformer

Have you been meaning to try out Guild Wars 2 but afraid to commit to the box price? If you have been exceedingly clever, you might have noticed that several sites around the internet have been doing their best to throw trial codes at you for a free weekend experience. If you missed that or have exciting plans for the weekend, however, you might not be quite yet out of luck. Digital and Digital Deluxe editions of Guild Wars 2 are on sale on the official site until the 28th. You can pick it up for roughly 30% less than you would normally. Given that the Super Adventure Box is going strong until the end of the month and Flame and Frost: Retribution will be wrapping up this living story arc, this seems like a pretty promising time to check it out.

Meanwhile, the team has also released a dev blog chronicling the creation of the Super Adventure Box commercial mocked up for the April Fools' Day events. Turns out that the game the boy in the commercial is playing is called Rytlock's Critter Rampage; it's a real retro platformer game dreamed up by ArenaNet's Delly Sartika, and here's the best part: It's playable right now, by you, in your browser.

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