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The Queue: Tiny toons

Anne Stickney

Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. It's Anne Stickney's (@Shadesogrey) turn to push the button, not yours. Hers.

There's this guy in my guild who, whenever he visits the lower nests on Ji-Kun, proclaims in vent that he is now going down the hole.

JonathanHill asked:

Doesn't it seem a little too soon for the fight with Garrosh to be so imminent? We've got probably a year and a half left for this expansion (if they don't speed up the release schedule for expansions). I'm actually kind of hoping this is just a feint in storyline progression.

Given how fast Blizzard has been cranking out the patches, I think we are finally seeing the kind of speedy expansion that Blizzard's always hoped for, but not quite been able to pull off until now. Will we see a patch after 5.4? Well ... that's a very good question, and it's something that I suspect will be addressed at BlizzCon in November.

i.see.what.i.did.there asked:

How do you decide whether or not to bring WoW on the road with you? I travel a lot and I am often faced with the dilemma of bringing a second laptop (I can't game on the first) just for WoW/Steam. Lately it seems like I only have time to play on the trips I take without my personal laptop.

I'll usually take my laptop with me when I travel, just in case. However, my laptop isn't really up for doing any strenuous sort of play. Most of the time if I log in, I find a quiet remote area and just sit and chat with my guild. This could just as easily be accomplished with my phone, however. But I have taken my laptop with me to every BlizzCon so far, just so I didn't miss a chance at getting the Headless Horseman's mount. So far ... no luck.

BrettShaffer asked:

On Tuesday I asked a question about how to find the dinosaurs for the chance at mount drops and bone collecting. I found out I was on the wrong island! I had a chance to go there for a minute lastnight, and I had a couple more follow up questions. Is there any type of quest that leads up to this area at all? And where on the island is the NPC that trades items for the bones?

Woops! Yeah, the bone collecting doesn't happen on the Isle of Thunder, it happens on the Isle of Giants, just north of Zouchin Village in Kun Lai Summit. There are no quests that lead to the island, but there is a flight path you can nab on the south beach. The NPC you're looking for is in a cave on the west side of the island -- watch out for the dinosaurs while you're searching for the cave! At the top of the island, you'll find Oondasta, one of two world raid bosses added with patch 5.2. There are also vendor NPCs up there that will sell you dinosaur disguises. They'll let you wander around the island a little more easily. Watch out though, the big dinosaurs hit particularly hard. Happy hunting!

Caedis asked:

Q4tQ: Has it been announced what the complete arc for MoP is going to be? It seems to me from the suggestions by Wrathion that we're going to put down Garrosh just in time for the Horde and Alliance to come together to defeat an invasion by something alien (Burning Legion, most likely).

Nope! After we assault Orgrimmar, we don't know what's going to happen next -- although yes, Wrathion appears to have some pretty interesting plans. But for now, it's a surprise. A delightful, lovely, lore-filled surprise.

PaulLloyd asked:

Question: If Blizzard were to have an expansion with no new class and no new race(s), what would a good alternative feature be?

New character models. Bam, done. Good to go. I'd be happy.

Richard85 asked:

With Garrosh Demise near, I wanted to throw out this question. Is it possible that he was under the influence of a Old God the entire time through Catacylsm and MoP? For instance, Yogg Saron managed to corrupt him and seduce him a bit while in Northrend. Deathwing's and with the Sha's and new Old god in MoP, could it be possible he was a "servant" this whole time orchestrating events untold?

Is it possible? Yes. Anything's possible. Is it likely? Not so much. I don't think Garrosh has been corrupted by anything other than his own weaknesses and an overwhelming lust for power.

dreamweaver7x asked:

Is there any way to advance the story in 5.3 without helping Vol'jin in any way? If not then, so much for questing. All horde are the same. Vol'jin, Garrosh and Baine are all the same. If you're not with the Alliance, you're against us. If you're against us, you die. Full stop.

Well, I guess if you were really gung-ho about stopping Garrosh you could try wandering into Orgrimmar all on your lonesome and taking him out. Let me know how that works for you.

The Alliance and Horde are reaching a decisive moment that mirrors what we saw at the end of the story on the Isle of Thunder. Taran Zhu pointed out that the Alliance and Horde are in a vicious cycle of fighting that will never stop as long as each side keeps retaliating. The only way to break that cycle, Taran Zhu points out, is to walk away.

You can't walk away from Garrosh Hellscream. He will be in your face and will continue to be in your face until either you're dead, or he is -- and frankly, the odds are stacked in his favor right now. The Alliance knows this. Vol'jin knows this, too. And although he hates to admit it, there is no way he is going to put Garrosh down with what he has now. He needs help. He doesn't like the Alliance. The Alliance doesn't like him. But at this point in the game, they need each other if either side is going to get what they want -- Garrosh out of the picture.

So no, you don't have a choice. But neither do the rest of the Alliance, and neither do the members of the Darkspear Rebellion on the Horde side. As Vol'jin points out, it will work out far better for both parties if they work together ... but nobody says they have to like each other while doing it.

Bob asked:

Non-WoW Q4TQ: My girlfriend and I will be moving into our first apartment soon... What is one essential, totally awesome doodad/piece of furniture/etc. we must buy for it?

You need a kitchen hen. Let me explain, because this is pretty useless but ultimately fun. I had a roommate who brought with him a small, ceramic hen when he moved in. He said it was a kitchen hen, and it lived in the kitchen. He then proceeded to hide it in one of the cupboards and explained the purpose of the hen to the rest of us. The rule was, if you stumbled across the kitchen hen, you had to hide it again. There really wasn't any point to the kitchen hen, no practical application. But every time I stumbled across the silly thing in one obscure location or another (my favorite was in the toaster oven), I was reminded that my roommates were completely nuts and I loved them for it.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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