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One of those rumored Sega Pluto systems is up for auction


It's rumored that there are just two Sega Pluto systems on this planet – variants of the Sega Saturn featuring a built-in NetLink modem – and now, one of them is for sale. The owner of last week's second revealed Sega Pluto, username kidvid666, has a unit up for auction on Game Gavel, with bids starting at $1 and set in $100 increments. Three people have thrown in so far, with the top bid at $7,600. Remember, kidvid666 says he bought this thing for $1 at a garage sale five years ago.

Kidvid666 says he's done his research on this thing's potential value and he has a hidden high reserve, but he started at $1 to get a feel for demand. At $7,600, the reserve price has not been met. Bidding closes at midnight the morning of April 26.

This is the Sega Pluto with a faulty flip top; it doesn't stay closed without weight on top of it, but once it is closed the system appears to work just fine. Maybe put that tax refund to good use and check out the Sega Pluto auction on Game Gavel.

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