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The Weekly Roundup for 04.15.2013

David Fishman

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You might say the week is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workweek, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the Weekly Roundup on Engadget, a quick peek back at the top headlines for the past seven days -- all handpicked by the editors here at the site. Click on through the break, and enjoy.

Nokia Lumia 720 review

Nokia's Lumia 720 has a beautiful exterior, but the insides just can't keep up. With a price this high, and outdated innards, Nokia makes it hard to justify the buy.

Sony NEX-3N review: superior shooting on the cheap

The NEX-3N may not be Sony's top of the line NEX camera, but its affordable price point, excellent image quality, and solid build make it one of the most impressive entry-level Sony ILC we've seen.

Samsung Galaxy Mega hands-on (video)

Is the Mega just another attempt to stretch out Samsung's famous Galaxy smartphone line, or does it really have a shot against big competition like the Galaxy S 4?

Twitter #Music app hands-on (iOS and web)

Twitter combines your tweets and top artists in its new #Music app for iOS or your preferred web browser. Utilizing a simple, visually pleasing layout, the new service hopes to connect you with popular music from around the twittersphere.

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