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Delicious Library 3 to add recommendation engine, iOS cataloging app


Longtime TUAW readers may remember that about five years ago, one of the hot app updates we were looking forward to was Delicious Library 2 (US$34.99), the latest incarnation of a media cataloging app from developer Delicious Monster. MacRumors reports today that the next iteration of the app will be arriving in the Mac and iOS App Stores soon.

When it first came out, Delicious Library seemed like magic -- it used an Apple iSight camera as a barcode reader to let you inventory DVDs, CDs, books and other media. The app won Apple Design Awards in 2005 and 2007, and the bookshelf-like user interface appears to have been the inspiration for Apple's iBooks iOS app.

Delicious Monster CEO Wil Shipley told MacRumors that Delicious Library 3 will move from simply being a cataloging app to providing recommendations based on its knowledge of the products you already own. In addition, the company will offer an iOS app as well to provide a handheld "scanner" for easy walk-around cataloging. Finally, Delicious Library 3 will have a 3D cover-view interface for the eye candy that you expect from Delicious Monster. The new app should be available soon.

To see what was exciting, state-of-the-art and cool at Macworld Expo 2008, check out this classic video featuring former TUAWer Scott McNulty and "Mayor and founder of Appsterdam" (and former Delicious Monster developer) Mike Lee talking about Delicious Library 2.

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