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Dragon's Prophet EU opens guild registration with contest for floating island

MJ Guthrie

If you're an EU player with thoughts of creating a guild in Dragon's Prophet, now's a good time to act. In conjunction with launching a new guild registration page, Infernum Productions is holding a contest that will grant one lucky guild a floating island to call home! The grand prize includes a mansion for the guild leader, five housing plots for officers, four medium houses, an exclusive in-game title, early access to open beta, and a year's subscription to Enjin guild hosting. All registered guilds will receive early access to closed beta and 30 days of Enjin premium hosting.

To enter, register your guild on the site and tell Infernum why your guild should get access to closed beta, and then have 10 others activate the guild code you provide. Only guilds with 10 or more members will qualify for the contest. Want a glimpse of the housing to whet your appetite? Then check out the trailer after the break.

[Source: Infernum Productions press release]

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