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Steam weekly deals: Mutant Blobs Attack, Resonance, Postal 2


Steam's weekly deals may not have official themes, but they each seem to carry an overall vibe, and this week, that vibe is "dead bodies and scary assaults." Each of the following games is up to 75 percent off on Steam through 10 a.m. PT on April 29: Resonance, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Postal 2 Complete, Primal Fears, Still Life, Still Life 2, Post Mortem, Perimeter 2: New Earth, Zombie Pirates and a software title, Construct 2.

Mutant Blobs Attack, for example, is half off for $4, and it supports Steam's controller-friendly Big Picture mode. Resonance, a deep and innovative point-and-click adventure, is 75 percent off for $2.50, and Postal 2 Complete is 60 percent off, $6. Check out the lineup right here.

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