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The Realm is about a girl and her golem, seeks Kickstarting


The Realm is being developed by Atomhawk Design, a studio that specializes in art production. Having worked on several well-known games – including Mortal Kombat, Dead Island, Injustice and Enslaved, among others – Atomhawk is now trying its hand at an internal project, The Realm.

A point-and-click adventure game that draws inspiration from Monkey Island, Machinarium and Ico, The Realm tells the story of a girl, Sarina, and her stone golem, Toru. Controlling both characters, the player solves environmental puzzles using the abilities of each. From the sound of things, Toru's immense size and strength will probably come in handy.

Atomhawk is seeking £195,000 ($297,000) to fund The Realm on Kickstarter. The goal is to put the game on PC, Mac and tablets within approximately eight months.

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