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Dreamcast shoot-'em-up 'DUX 1.5' now shipping


Sega may have shelved its final console more than a decade ago, but for homebrew developers, at least, the Dreamcast lives on. HUCAST Games announced this week that its R-Type-ish Dreamcast shoot-'em-up, DUX 1.5, is now available.

Originally released back in 2009, DUX was later retooled and offered as an incentive for fans who helped to Kickstart an upcoming sequel. Along with a new soundtrack and rebalanced gameplay, DUX 1.5 gives players the option of respawning instantly upon death – a key addition, for those who have had it up to here with the original game's checkpoint system.

If you happen to own a copy of the original DUX and are willing to jump through a hoop or two, you're eligible for a free upgrade. HUCAST Games notes that DUX owners can get a free copy of DUX 1.5 if they submit a proof of purchase or, alternatively, "a picture of your DUX 1.0 copy with a current newspaper in picture."

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