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The Animators Survival Kit comes to the iPad with expanded multimedia edition


Richard Williams acclaimed animation guide The Animator's Survival Kit has come to the iPad in an affordable new iPad app. Drawn from the book and DVD series of the same name, the US$34.99 app features a complete "Expanded Edition" of The Animator's Survival Kit, over 100 animated examples from the DVD series and new video with the author to put the app in context.

The DVD box set itself retails for $959.50. For neophyte animation enthusiasts, it's cheaper to buy an iPad and the app than the boxset itself, though to be fair the DVDs have several more hours of content.

Williams is best known for his Oscar-winning work on Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and the 1972 adaptation of A Christmas Carol. His "lost" opus The Thief and the Cobbler is famous for its incredible experimental animation and the director's struggle for control over the film with the studios who produced it.

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