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Battleblock Theater ringtones tell the fart jokes for you


Battleblock Theater is charming beyond all reasonableness, and much of that comes from its hilarious narrator, adorable songs and, of course, the rampant fart jokes. The Behemoth has thrown some of Battleblock Theater's best audio material into a downloadable ringtone pack, available in .mp3 and .mp4 varieties.

The ringtone pack includes tracks such as "Secret Song," "Relationship Song" and "Buckle ur Pants," and it includes the gem sound, the narrator's "Whoooooo" and "Mmmmhmmm" noises, and classic lines such as "Good job, baby farts" and "Everything's coming together like buttcheeks."

The Behemoth is working on an official soundtrack for the game, currently listed as "coming soon." For now, download the Battleblock Theater ringtone pack and annoy all of your friends for free right here.

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