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DigiPen students launch multiplayer crossover bumper brawl, Ball-Stars


DigiPen Ball-Stars has a lot of DigiPen in it.

DigiPen Institute of Technology students Corey Kay, Curtis McCoy, Jason Meisel, and Sean Reilly have banded together to release Barry's Magical Escape: DigiPen Ball-Stars Edition, a freeware indie crossover title for PC inspired by Mario Party's Bumper Balls minigame. (Unfortunately, Luigi isn't a playable character here, so you can't win by doing nothing.)

Barry's Magical Escape offers a motley collection of characters and backdrops from many DigiPen standouts, including the survival racer Nitronic Rush, stealth-action game Deity and Portal's predecessor, Narbacular Drop. As in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series, random items drop throughout each battle, and each successful strike increases an enemy's bounce recoil, leading to some wildly chaotic possibilities. Be prepared to lose friendships over this one.

Barry's Magical Escape supports up to eight simultaneous players in local and online multiplayer matches.

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