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Discovery, TLC iPad apps add second-screen feature

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Discovery Communications, parent company of the cable channels Discovery and TLC, has released updates to the Discovery Channel HD and TLC for iPad and iPhone apps that now offer second-screen features on the iPad side.

The second-screen feature is branded as Discovery Plus and TLC Plus and offers "an interactive second-screen experience, synced live to your favorite shows! Fully integrated into the app, simply tune in during a TLC/Discovery Plus-enabled show and sit back for exclusive factoids, photos and more! Or play a previously aired Plus-enabled show on your DVR, and sync to view the experience on your own schedule," according to the app descriptions.

Discovery Communications does note that not all of its shows are Plus-enabled yet. Also, the Plus features are only available on the iPad, though the company does plan to add them to the iPhone version of the apps soon.

Discovery Channel HD and TLC for iPad and iPhone are free downloads.

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