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Forge rerelease introduces tons of new features, goes 75% off on Steam


Keen-minded readers may remember Forge, Dark Vale Games' action-oriented PvP title that launched via Steam Greenlight in December of last year. Unfortunately, due to limited funding, the game was released in a decidedly unfinished state, lacking many of the key features that the studio hoped to incorporate. Despite this, many players flocked to the game, providing the devs with the money needed to polish up the game, and now Forge has been officially "rereleased" on Steam. To celebrate the occasion, Dark Vale Games is allowing fans to play Forge for free from today until Sunday.

The game's rerelease brings with it a number of new features sure to satisfy fans of all playstyles. The fashionistas in the crowd will be pleased by the addition of new armor customization options, while completionists will have plenty to work toward thanks to the introduction of achievements to the game. New players will be able to jump into the action faster than ever thanks to a new-and-improved tutorial, and new ranking and matchmaking features ensure that players can always find the perfect match. On top of all of that, the UI has received an overhaul, and the addition of bots and co-op modes allows players to practice new strategies before they take them into the game proper. So if you're up for some adrenaline-fueled PvP action, you can check out the game for free and/or snag it on the cheap for a paltry $5 US.

[Source: Dark Vale Games press release]

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