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Tumblr for iOS improves sharing, supports Instapaper, Pocket


Everybody's favorite "blogging lite" tool, Tumblr, has a new version out today. Tumblr 3.3.1 has added a selection of sharing tools as well as some changes to make using the mobile app easier and more fun.

Posts can now be shared a variety of ways -- the share button on my iPhone 5, for example, showed not only Twitter, Facebook and Message as targets, but also let me send Tumblr posts to other apps like Chrome, TweetBot and NetBot. If you want to read Tumblr posts later, they can be sent to Instapaper and Pocket with a few taps. Emailing a post now encases the content in a nice-looking template (image at right) that can be opened by the recipient either as "just an email" or in the Tumblr app.

To close images that you're looking at full-screen, there's no need to search for a close box. Now you just "fling" a photo up or down and it closes. On the search screen, GIFs actually move while you scroll by, making you all that more likely to tap on them. There's also a more mundane change that's been made to the app -- the "following" list is now alphabetized by screen handle and you can actually search it.

While it's not the most earthshaking update to a popular app, Tumblr 3.3.1 has made it easier for almost anyone to share and discover new content.

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