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Boston Festival of Indie Games offers PC game bundle as Kickstarter incentive


The Boston Festival of Indie Games will return to MIT's campus in September, and organizers hope to make this year's show bigger, better, and less sweltering than last year's event with help from Kickstarter backers.

Showcasing tabletop games, interactive art, and video games developed by local studios like Owlchemy Labs (Snuggle Truck) and Wadjet Eye Games (Resonance), the inaugural Boston Festival of Indie Games was a bigger success than its creators anticipated, attracting an estimated 2,000 attendees.

"[Last year's] festival was a lot of fun, but it was cramped and hot," the Kickstarter pitch notes. "MIT's Stratton Student Center and Johnson Athletic Center will better accommodate the crowds, exhibitors and game developers at Boston Festival of Indie Games. Our goal is to have plenty of room for all the great features that come with the festival, like the game developer showcase, tabletop game play, art gallery, game jam, keynote speakers, films and much more."

Backers who pledge $25 or more will receive an advance pass to 2013's event, along with the "Figgie Bundle," a downloadable PC game compilation that includes Subatomic Studios' Fieldrunners, Fire Hose Games' Go Home Dinosaurs, Popcannibal's Fish Listening to the Radio, and Binary Takeover's Lost Marbles. More titles will be added to the bundle as money continues to roll in.

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